Irrigation Services

Artificial Rain LLC is a local irrigation company in Indianapolis that serves homeowners and commercial properties in the Greater Indianapolis area.

We have over 17 years of experience ranging from simple service tasks to high-end installations. Our company prides itself on quality and integrity and we believe that customer satisfaction is the utmost important factor of our business.

Below is a list of the specific irrigation services that we offer.

Design & Installation

Each of our sprinkler system designs is intended to keep your lawn and landscaping thoroughly watered. We formulate our designs so that each blade of grass, tree, and plant gets just the right amount of moisture for your type of soil. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that your grass will look greener, your garden more beautiful, and all while enjoying immense savings on effort and expenses for years to come.

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Whether we designed and installed your irrigation system or someone else did, we can get your problems corrected and your sprinkler system working efficiently once more.

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Spring Start-Ups

When Spring rolls around, you’ll need to property start up your sprinkler system following its winter hybernation.

We’ll help you get this done the right way and provide any necessary maintenance.

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Summer Check-Ups

Our goal is to keep your sprinkler system watering your grass and landscaping just as you prefer so that each blade of grass gets just the right amount of water during the warmer summer months.

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To prevent expensive issues from plaguing your irrigation system, schedule sprinkler pump winterization today. That’s because a single dip in temperature below freezing could do irreparable damage to your water irrigation components, such as hose leaks, sprinkler heads that fall out of alignment, and automatic sensors that malfunction.

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Back-Flow Testing

Backflow is a serious concern for all sprinkler system owners. Backflow is when non-potable water enters your drinkable water supply. In other words, your irrigation system could be mixing contaminants like fertilizer, animal waste, and pesticides into the water your family consumes.

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Rework & Add-Ons

Call Artificial Rain in Indianapolis and tell us about your lawn sprinkler system goals. We can inform you of the latest advancements in sprinkler system technology to give you the rework or add-on you want.

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