Get Regular Backflow Testing for Your Water Sprinkler System in Indianapolis, IN

Backflow is a serious concern for all sprinkler system owners. Backflow is when non-potable water enters your drinkable water supply. In other words, your irrigation system could be mixing contaminants like fertilizer, animal waste, and pesticides into the water your family consumes.

For your protection, all Artificial Rain sprinkler systems are equipped with specialized devices to prevent this phenomenon from occurring. However, we recommend annual backflow testing of your irrigation system to avoid back-siphonage and to keep your property’s water supply pure.

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How a Backflow Device Works

A backflow device simply keeps the flow of water one-way to prevent water supply contamination. These mechanisms are not only used on sprinkler systems, but also boilers, ice machines, and fire protection equipment.

We only work with top brands of irrigation system backflow devices and put exceptional care into their repair and maintenance. This keeps dirt, fungus, and other hazards from drawing back into your or the city’s water supply.

How Can You Identify Backflow?

Backflow testing requires specialized equipment because even the smallest contaminant amounts can cause harm and damage. For that reason, we recommend that you schedule regular and at least annual testing of all sprinkler system backflow devices. This is the only way to keep your water system clean and to keep your irrigation system efficient for the highest water and energy cost savings.

Call us now to schedule regular backflow testing and maintenance. You don’t even have to be home, as long as your home or office’s water supply is turned on.

In most cases, the water department will mail out reminders to have your systems tested to protect the local water supply. If you have received one of these notifications, call us now and we will show up promptly to provide you with an honest quote.

Each Backflow Inspection Includes:

  • Regulation-Approved Testing of All Irrigation Devices
  • High Attention to Detail by Experienced Sprinkler System Technicians
  • After Hours and Weekend Testing
  • Prompt Repairs and Service

Keep Backflow in the Back of Your Mind

You shouldn’t have to worry about backflow occurring on your property. For residential and commercial property owners throughout the areas of Carmel, Zionsville, Fishers, and Indianapolis, Indiana, we offer comprehensive backflow testing for your peace of mind.