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Why Choose Us?

A guarantee to keeping your lawn and landscaping looking its best provides homeowners and business owners with a decision to install an irrigation system with a quality company. Therefore, when choosing a higher-end company that is within your area you need to make the decision that will allow you to have an irrigation installation that will provide you with longer results.

When you choose a company like Artificial Rain LLC, not only will you get in-depth training tips, advanced equipment, superior service, and a resilient irrigation installation that will ensure your landscape is at its healthiest and will continue to be through the years to come. Therefore, below you will find a few of the services that we can provide to you.

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What You Will Get When Requesting Artificial Rain LLC To Be Your Irrigation Specialist

Sprinkler System

We have been in business for over 17 years and has a company full of experts in the irrigation industry. We come with experience and training in order to deliver and install a quality irrigation system with a staff that has ongoing education and training to improve their knowledge and skills in the industry. We also use the highest quality component products from manufacturers in the irrigation industry, therefore, your system will be the best fit for your yard and function at its best.

We can take on any type of project of size and type, whether it be for a commercial residency or residential site. Each of our systems is built and installed on a professional level that is dependable and has the ability to expand based on a request. The technicians have the ability to deliver CAD drawings of any type of irrigation system for any location site as well as the license and documentation that is required through the state.

All of our customers will get the best equipment to fit every installation requirement, as well as access to full-time service staff to answer any questions or concerns. Artificial Rain LLC wants to build trust and confidence within each customer in order to show society what a quality irrigation company can do for the environment within the areas of Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville. Therefore, contact us now to see what service or installation we can do for your yard, you will not regret your decision to enhance the growth and the beauty of your surroundings.

Design and Installation

If you’re new to getting a sprinkler installation set up for your home or your business, getting a quality company that is knowledgeable about the irrigation industry is essential. That is why Artificial Rain LLC has taken our company to a new level of service in the irrigation industry. We offer a full design and installation process that can fit any type of budgeting needs, as well as finding the appropriate system for your yard that will allow your home or business to flourish with beauty.

Our service professionals can produce CAD drawings of any type of irrigation system design and installation to give our customers the best options available as well as efficiency for any sprinkler install. Call us now to get a free estimate for your new sprinkler system. Read more about design and installation. Call to Get a Quote

Spring Start-Ups

Sprinkler System Installation

Spring as a normal time where gardeners and farmers like to come out and it gets the areas prepared for the season that is right around the corner. Therefore, when choosing to get a spring start-up through Artificial Rain LLC, you will get to identify if there are any adjustments that need to be made to your sprinkler system to ensure that is at 100% operational for the season.

Our team of specialists will also give each customer some suggestions or tips to ensure your irrigation system is more efficient as well as making any adjustments or maintenance needs that the sprinkler system requires before the season has started. Ensuring to get a spring startup for those that already have an irrigation system installed will keep your routine maintenance minimal as well as ensuring the longevity of your irrigation system in the upcoming years.

Through a spring start-up service our qualified technicians will restore water pressure within the sprinkler system, as well as check each and every sprinkler head for spray accuracy, check for any leaks or damages, as well as inspect the back-flow device. Artificial Rain LLC will set a schedule after the first installation to ensure your spring start-up service is maintained to suit your landscape and soil type to keep your yard green and lush throughout the whole season.

When getting a spring start-up service, you can ask one of our specialists about installing a water sensor that can automatically turn off your sprinklers while it’s raining in order to help lower your water bill even more. Read more about spring start-ups. Call to Get a Quote

Summer Check-Ups

Some summers can be hearts while others are comfortable, however, having a functional irrigation system will ensure the growth of each blade of grass that is in your yard. For those that take pride in having a beautifully landscaped yard, getting a summer checkup or a new installation on a sprinkler head is essential to conserve water and money.

If you have an irrigation system already installed getting a summer checkup will ensure that the maintenance and regular realignment adjustments are intact. Therefore, talk to one of our representatives to see if you have a summer checkup service included in your service plan to ensure that your sprinkler heads and spray zones are all properly positioned to precipitate your yard accurately. Read more about sprinkler system summer check-up. Call to Get a Quote

Back-flow Testing

Due to Indiana state law, back-flow testing is required for every irrigation installation to ensure the back-flow devices are in working order.

Sprinkler System Installation

Requesting a back-flow testing through Artificial Rain LLC, every customer will receive a technician that is licensed in the state of Indiana to come out on a yearly basis to double check the back-flow devices function correctly.

Every customer who is involved with the spring start-up service will also receive automatic back-flow testing.

Having a properly maintained irrigation system is similar to owning a car or anything else that has movable parts, it needs to be regularly inspected to function properly as well as fit within the regulations of the state.

Therefore, if you are new to getting a sprinkler system installed in your home or your business, in order to certify that you are up to date on requirements as well as getting regular maintenance inspected on your irrigation system, getting a back-flow testing done on a regular basis will put you a step ahead in the right direction.

Read more about back-flow testing. Call to Get a Quote


A winterization service is essential to any homeowner that has a sprinkler system installed on their property, in order to keep the system from freezing or causing damage in the long run. Artificial Rain LLC service technicians will make it a point to visit your property at the end of every season to ensure the winterization process is complete prior to winter beginning.

The process of a winterization service will usually entail one of our qualified technicians to bring a high-volume air compressor and purge all the water out of your irrigation system in order to prevent the system from being filled with water and freezing. Having a winterization service will save you time, money, and potential future damages that could occur if this process isn’t completed correctly.

Those that are not aware of how to properly blow out an irrigation system could also create damages to the system itself, therefore talking to a qualified and licensed professional will help keep your system functioning for a longer period of time. If you have an irrigation system that had not been properly winterized you could potentially be looking at an expensive problem to fix. Read more about winterizations. Call to Get a Quote

Sprinkler Repairs

Since Artificial Rain LLC has first launched, we want to ensure that every system is properly functioning in maintaining itself. Our service technicians carry all the necessary parts that a sprinkler system needs in order to be fixed in one service call.

We have the professionalism and qualifications to service any system that was not installed through our company, therefore, our technicians are capable of handling any project in question that comes our way. We have multiple irrigation services, maintenance programs, and sprinkler repair services that are available to each customer to ensure that each system is operating accurately.

  • Can service any type of installation or irrigation system
  • Any repair that needs to be made, our service technicians will carry most of the parts to get the job done accurately and in a timely manor
  • All of our technicians are certified, experienced, and knowledgeable

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Rework and Add On’s

Artificial Rain LLC is set up to tackle any problem that can arise within a pretty sprinkler system.

This can mean that if there are any requests for add-ons to expand the zones for the irrigation system or reworking an area that needs additional precipitation, we can handle it with ease.

Any potential damages that have taken place in regards to landscaping installation or construction work that may have happened, our company can provide you with a free estimate as well as any request to add on to existing installed systems.

For example, if you recently have had a pool or patio installed and your sprinkler system has received damage due to the construction our team of specialists can tackle that project with professionalism, accuracy, and quality.

Read more about rework and add on’s. Call to Get a Quote

Sensational Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services

landscape lighting

Artificial Rain LLC now offers a hardscape lighting and outdoor landscape lighting service to boost the love you have of your home and the time that you get to spend with it. Through intensive design and seamless benefits that the landscape lighting services will give to you and your home, you have come to the right place.

If you’re looking to get a relaxing and mystifying environment around your home, then the outdoor landscape lighting is one of the most immaculate ideas to include in your yard. Artificial Rain LLC can offer low voltage path lights, hardscape lighting, and low voltage outdoor lighting to bring out the unique structural design of your home to increase curb appeal.

There are many styles to choose from, and each will emphasize the features of the home so you are proud of where you live. Low voltage led lightings such as mounted lanterns; low voltage path lights, specialty outdoor lighting, and more are acquired through the outdoor landscape lighting services that Artificial Rain LLC has to offer.  

In addition to multiple styles and designs, Artificial Rain LLC’s landscape lighting specialists will be able to give you complete knowledge of how they work, installation information, and even how to create different desired effects with the low voltage lighting so you can focus on what is important when setting up to mood your looking to achieve.

The landscape lighting specialists will utilize their techniques and specialized methods to create a ambiance with the lighting to amplify walkways, patios, trees, pillars, columns, bushes, flowerbeds, and even stones to make your yard more welcoming and inviting and ward off potential criminal acts that might be harmful to you and your family.

Therefore, call now to see what specials and innovative design ideas Artificial Rain LLC can bring to your home, and get your desired effect with low voltage landscape lighting now so you can enjoy the captivating magic your home can offer. Read more about landscape lighting.

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