Optimizing Your Sprinkler System Performance

To reach every blade of grass, tree and plant that needs water in your yard, you need a sprinkler system that is optimized for performance.

And that’s why you hire an irrigation expert like Artificial Rain for your sprinkler system installation Indianapolis.

While the design and installation is a bit more involved than this, here’s a general overview of what we’re looking at when we optimize your sprinkler system’s performance.

Sprinkler Coverage

Probably the most obvious, we are looking for the right sprinklers with the right spacing and distance to most efficiently reach the entire area of your lawn.


We’re looking at the best sprinkler for your home based on location, usage and exposure to the elements.

The Installation Itself

We’ll look at the home water system and determine the best way to connect your irrigation system to the home.

These are the top priorities of any sprinkler system that we install. We’ll discuss each element of the design and installation with you in detail before we proceed with the actual installation so you can best understand how the system will work and how we have optimized it for peak performance.

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