Why We Use Eco-Friendly Irrigation Systems

When we do a sprinkler system installation Indianapolis we want to meet all of your lawn’s irrigation needs by using the least amount of water possible.

For one, this reduces your water costs. But just as importantly, it’s better for the environment.

Non eco-friendly sprinkler systems are generally outdated, inefficient and wasteful.

The areas where water is often wasted include flowerbeds and areas where there are no grass lawns. Therefore, you will want to consider replacing these inefficient sprinklers with drip irrigation for things like shrubs, trees, flowers, and ground cover plants that do not benefit from conventional sprinklers.

The old timers that are used to control your sprinklers may also be outdated and inefficient. Today, there are solutions to improve the efficiency of irrigation systems with smart controllers. These are controllers that use a combination of the weather forecast and soil data to optimize the best time for irrigation of custom landscaping designs.

Another outdated component of your current landscaping irrigation may be the sprinkler heads. You may want to consider updating the sprinkler heads with high-efficiency designs. In addition, reducing the pipe diameter of irrigation lines can also improve pressure and reduce the water consumption of custom landscaping irrigation designs.

When you reach out to us for your free quote, we’ll cover all of these options with you to make your lawn look great while keeping your water costs down and staying eco-friendly!

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