Modern and Efficient Irrigation System to Save Money

The watering component that is essential to giving your yard an aesthetic and curb appeal is determined through the method of irrigation that you choose to use. There are multiple methods to save you money, conserve water and decrease the amount of time that you put into your lawn that can make your yard stand out above the rest. One of the best methods and most modern and efficient ways to accomplish this task would be through an effective irrigation system that is properly installed. There are many reasons why you need to be concerned about your watering methods as well as finding different ways to make the system more efficient all while saving time and money, therefore, below you will gain insights on these specific details to increase your understanding about a modern and efficient irrigation system to help you save money.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Accurate Watering Methods

Irrigated areas that are zoned accurately will enhance the health and developmental growth of the surrounding area as a whole. If you live in an area that has a floodplain or dry zone, then your watering methods need to be approached in different manners to get the best growth ratio for your designated area.

According to Wikipedia, “The annual growth of the irrigated area was almost 3 % from 1955 to 1975. Also, from 1970 to 1982 the growth rate was some 2% per year, and from 1983 to 1994 about 1.3% per year.” Growth ratios can have a huge impact on the environment, as it will determine if your yard and neighborhood is getting the right amount of nutrients to effectively grow accurately. If you are not concerned about accurate watering methods, you may notice fungal diseases, dry spots, and plant casualties that can hurt the overall environments not only within your home but within the surrounding areas as well.

Different Ways to Make Your Irrigation System More Efficient

Making your irrigation system more efficient the best way to avoid wasting water save you money. There are multiple ways to make the system more efficient from professional designing and programming to increase the growing maturity of your yard, and you’re not the only one who is looking to make irrigation systems more efficient in today’s economy.

Forbes states, “Stepping up public investment in the sector, notably in irrigation, has become a priority for the government. In 2004 an official study group said efficient water management through micro-irrigation could help many save on fertilizer and labor, as well as the precious liquid itself.” Therefore, consider a few following methods to add to your irrigation system to make it more efficient.

  • Installation of a time sensor.

  • Get bubblers for flowers and trees with drip irrigation systems.

  • Understand how much water your yard needs to flourish accurately with zoning purposes

  • Check the system monthly for any maintenance issues such as had brakes, water leaks, or piping busts.

  • Talk to a professional about zoning the water towards the roots of the trees and shrubs.

  • Install a rain gauge.

  • Have a professional rearrange your landscape into hydro-zones for accurate watering levels.

  • Install a sprinkler timer.

  • Consider Rotary Nozzles.

  • Consider different smart sprinklers that are available.

  • Ensure there is regulated pressure in the irrigation system.

  • Talk to a professional on timing for seasonal use for each zone.

  • Understand how much water each plant needs.

Lastly, know you are not alone in looking for an effective manner to save the environment. Indiana state implements programs that support local and sustainable irrigation systems for every homeowner.

IN.Gov share some of their programs also include similar attributes that local sprinkler companies like Artificial Rain LLC provide, they share the programs,  “prepare and maintain long-term water demand forecasts, develop long-term strategies that incorporate water conservation and efficient water use, review and build upon existing planning efforts by considering practices and experiences from other jurisdictions, adopt and implement supply and demand management to promote efficient use and conservation of water resources, maximize water use efficiency and minimize waste of water, and promote appropriate innovative technology for water reuse.”

With the local government supporting the irrigation movement, you will know you are on the right path to saving money, time, and water.

How Can You Save Money with an Irrigation System?

In today’s day, everyone is always looking for a simple way to save an extra penny. There are also those who are concerned about the environment and societies methods of keeping our world alive in a greener place. Therefore, if you want to save money, a fantastic way to start would be in your yard.

New York Times expresses, “Imagine that you run a company that sells bottled water. You spend lots of money, and use lots of energy, pumping the water out of the ground, purifying it and transporting it for sale. Then, one day, you discover that a large number of bottles never make it to the stores. They are falling through holes in the trucks.” This is very similar to how an irrigation system can control the amount of money and water usage that is spent through the duration of the seasons. If it is not accurately inspected or controlled, it can just fall through the holes or decay, causing you extra money to spend on the landscape.

It is a wise investment to consider the professional irrigation system as it can save you time, water, and money over time. Here are a few additional ways it can help you and your family save money:

  • Lawn: Decrease the amount of fertilizer and mulch clippings for the lawn to get the right amount of precipitation
  • Flowerbeds or Containers: Consider only watering the roots and the borders of your flowerbeds to decrease the risk of disease, and consider the type of soil that is used for containers and flowerbeds
  • Trees: Efficiently place your trees around your yard with the right amount of spacing, and let the irrigation precipitate the soil slowly and accurately for a healthier growth ratio
  • Maintenance and Gear: By adding the right type of sprinkler as well as the gear can help you cut water usage down to 70%, and talk to a professional about regular maintenance to ensure your system is properly set up and working.
  • Automatic versus Manual: You can save money by using an automatic irrigation system over manual as it has the right sensors to know how much water is pushing out and can be adjusted to seasonal use. If you are watering your yard manually you don’t have an accurate reading on how much each area is getting water as well as how long the areas need to be watered. This can save you on time and money by considering an automatic installation of an irrigation system through professional now and for the years to come.
  • Time: Time is essential for individuals to save money, therefore if you do not have a lot of time to ensure the upkeep of your yard, and irrigation system will be your solution. USGA airs, “Using a sprinkler to water a small dry area may be faster than hand watering, but much of the water is delivered to areas that don’t need it. This not only wastes water, but it also creates playability and turf health issues.”
  • Water: In some areas turf grasses, flowers, vegetables, and newly planted plants will need extra water to ensure they grow properly. Therefore if you’re looking to decrease your water bill or save on the overall water usage, professional installation of an irrigation system can handle the scheduling and control of the amount of water that is being used.
  • Money: Since most people want to save money on a daily basis and irrigation installation that is professionally done can do all of these things in one. In addition, an irrigation system can increase the value of your home, thus bringing you back money for your investment if your home is ever put back on the market.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, to obtain a modern efficient irrigation system, talking to a professional about design and installation means, is the first step. Artificial Rain LLC voices, “We want to ensure that each one of our customers is satisfied not only on a short basis but for the longevity of their yard.” You can save tons of time, money, and water by getting an integrated irrigation system that is professionally installed now to be a part of the growing awareness of keeping the world greener and healthier, starting with your yard. Therefore, contact Artificial Rain LLC in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, and zionsville, to see what cost-effective options are available to start saving you money now.


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