Get the Green Lawn of Your Dreams with Artificial Rain

Lawn of Your Dreams with Artificial Rain
Lawn of Your Dreams with Artificial Rain

When you buy a home, you want a fresh, green lawn to go along with it. A home with a beautiful lawn stands out and is typically worth more than even a beautiful home with a lawn that’s brown, dying or dead. When you want a lawn that stands out or the Lawn of Your Dreams that is always the envy of your neighbors, an irrigation and sprinkler system is the wise home investment.

Get the Full Potential Out of Your Grass and Plants For The Lawn of Your Dreams

An irrigation and sprinkler system is critical to the perfect lawn. Without efficient watering, your grass won’t grow and your plants won’t stay green. Many homeowners opt for hose watering and use their thumbs to determine who much water each grass blade and plant should receive. Hose watering, however, can lead to pooling water and overwatering, neither of which is good for grass or plants.

A sprinkler system, on the other hand, is like an artificial rain. Each blade of grass and each plant with all its parts get just the right amount of water for proper and lush growth. When you’ve cultivated your lawn and plants with love, you’ll want to ensure you get the most from your efforts with a sprinkler system that waters your lawn just like Mother Nature.

How to Ensure Your Lawn Stays Green

Most sprinkler systems come with sophisticated timing systems that activate and deactivate based on soil moisture levels. When the sprinkler systems detect that your lawn is dry, the underground irrigation system will kick on, providing every area of your lawn and garden with the perfect amount of moisture.

When the system detects that the soil is wet, the sprinkler heads will turn off, where they’ll be ready to come on the next day for another round of efficient lawn watering.

There are times where a sprinkler system can malfunction or break down. Here are some signs to watch for in case your lawn isn’t getting the moisture it needs or your sprinkler heads are doing something other than perfectly watering your grass and plants.

Sprinkler System Issues That May Require Irrigation System Repair For The Lawn of Your Dreams

Spotty Coverage

When walking the perimeter of your lawn, do you notice any areas where grass or plants appear as though they’re dying? Brown grass and plants can indicate spotty sprinkler coverage, which is where the sprinkler heads misfire, leaving areas of your lawn not properly watered.

Spotty coverage doesn’t always mean that your sprinkler heads and other irrigation equipment need to be replaced. In some instances, bare spots in your lawn can be caused by dry leaves and dust causing a blockage.

There have also been cases where blockages to a sprinkler system were caused by cats and dogs treating the homeowner’s lawn like a toilet. These clogs can be flushed out by a professional underground irrigation service to return your lawn to beautiful and healthy conditions.

Sprinkler Malfunctions

When your sprinkler system stops coming on altogether or appears to be splashing water or activating and deactivating intermittently, your system may have to be repaired. A single sprinkler head that misfires or otherwise acts faulty can corrupt all the others, leading to a bad watering job. A professional sprinkler repair service can get your system calibrated and working properly once more.

Why Proper Sprinkler System Maintenance is Key

Your underground irrigation system is the base of any efficient sprinkler system. Even if your sprinkler heads appear to be doing their jobs, you never know when there may be issues with your underground irrigation systems. With regular maintenance of your irrigation system, you’ll ensure you always get the best performance and most savings at the water meter while extending the life of your sprinkler system.

Discounting the value of proper sprinkler and irrigation system maintenance can be a big mistake. A well-maintained irrigation system can help you save water, which in turns helps you save on your water bills, and you’ll get the lush, green lawn you want.

You can periodically check your irrigation system for leaks and lawn for dry or overly watered spots, but having your system maintained by trained professionals is the wise investment, particularly when you want a lawn that looks its best and an irrigation system that lasts for many years.

What to Look for In a Sprinkler System Installation & Maintenance Company

When you find yourself in the market for an irrigation system installation service, you have many choices to consider. Finding an underground irrigation company that’s close to your location is only the first step. You also need to consider skill and reputation, such as how the company is received by other homeowners nearby. A company with vast experience in irrigation systems and sprinkler installations, maintenance, and repair can ensure that your sprinkler system is installed properly.

Reliable Sprinkler Installation

A sprinkler system that is installed with care will always work efficiently. That means that each blade of grass and each plant, from the flowers to the roots, will get adequate watering and not a drop more. Many homeowners are shocked when they receive their water bills, especially if they’ve become accustomed to watering their lawns by hand. The immense savings in water costs will more than pay for the system in the years to come, giving you a nice return on your investment.

Examples of Sprinkler System Results

You want to know that the company you choose to install, maintain and repair your underground irrigation and sprinkler system will have a portfolio of green lawns to show for their work. You want to know that the company has an excellent track record when it comes to offering the best sprinkler systems in the area. Finding a company with images of lush, green lawns from around the area and just like the one you want is a good place to start.

Superior Customer Service

When working with a sprinkler system installer, you should be able to get all of your important questions answered. A quality irrigation company will also keep you informed every step of the process, from the initial quote for sprinkler installation to the installation process itself, and even going so far as to provide post-installation tips for proper maintenance and repair.

You’ve Found Your Local Indianapolis Sprinkler System Installation Company

Artificial Rain LLC has been helping homeowners throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for nearly two decades. Simply ask and we can show you examples of systems from around the area, and the beautiful lawns those irrigation systems created.

When it comes to proper installation of your sprinkler system, we take the very best care to ensure every part is installed and operating efficiently for proper watering, more money savings, and to take the effort of watering your lawn off your hands.

No longer do you need to get up in the early morning hours to give your grass and plants the proper nutrients. We can help you water your lawn just like Mother Nature intended with quality service, superior customer service, and a sprinkler system that will keep your lawn as green as you want for as long as you want. Get the Lawn of Your Dreams Now! We service Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, and more around IN!

Our representatives are standing by to answer your questions and schedule you for an underground irrigation system that will make your dreams of a lush, green lawn come true.

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