Ways To Use Landscape Lighting This Summer And Possible Reasons Your Yard Looks Brown

low voltage landscape light bulbs
Low Voltage Landscape Light Bulbs

If you are interested in adding a dramatic and characteristic feel and atmosphere to your home then observing your yard’s condition is the first key. Your yard states a lot about your home. This can be anything from the look of your grass during the day to the glow of the yard at night with Landscape Lighting. However, due to the variety of options that are in the world, getting an initial idea and plan set forth to improve the yard is essential for growth and ultimate satisfaction. Below you will learn more about your landscape, what to observe, and how you can improve it to the fullest potential that it deserves.

Observe Your Initial Landscape Set up

The first step to upgrade your yard is to get an overview of how you want it to look. Planning is everything, and getting an expert opinion is also a fantastic approach to getting this part completed. Head out around your property and get an idea of how you want it to look and jot your ideas down on paper. Many people use a pad to draw out what their yard looks like, and then consider what they will like to change. This can be anything from highlighting a specific area with landscape lighting, or seeing what areas of the lawn need attention.

If you walk around the yard multiple times during the day you can get a feel of what you would like it to look like during the evening or the daytime. You will want to choose a focal point across the yard that can define or capture attention with landscape lighting or additional sprinkler improvements.

Landscape Lighting Indianapolis
Landscape Lighting Indianapolis

“Lighting can quickly change the feel and mood of outdoor space, but it’s super hard to figure out exactly what you might need. Whether you’re looking for something to hang above the dining table, a lounge seating area, or perhaps even throughout a breezeway, there are many options to choose from that can easily transform any outdoor setting. A few things to consider when shopping for the right fixture are style, shape, size, and finish.”

  • A few options that you need to observe are the following:
  • What items or objects could use highlighting with Landscape Lighting IE: A large tree or rock formation?
  • Are you planning on using low voltage ground lights, led voltage landscape lighting, solar lights?
  • Does your yard need a resourceful water supply to improve the grass or flowerbeds?
  • How do you want the overall look of your yard to be?
landscape lighting Indianapolis
Landscape Lighting Indianapolis

According to the New York Times, “If you’re fortunate enough to have outdoor space, lighting it properly “can make a big difference,” said the landscape architect Steven Tupu. “Even a small amount of lighting,” he said, can “change an outdoor space in a dynamic way. Especially when it comes to the “small, forgotten spaces like terraces, back alleys, and interior courtyards.”

Consider The Health Of Your Yard And How To Improve The Condition

Find Quality Sprinkler Systems in Indianapolis To Improve Yards Like This
Find Quality Sprinkler Systems in Indianapolis To Improve Yards Like This

The health of your yard is an important factor in the curb appeal of your yard even more than Landscape Lighting. If you have brown spots all-around your grass, there could be a few problematic issues that need resolving.

Grass turns brown when roots can no longer grab nutrients or water from the soil, or when the soil doesn’t contain enough food or water. During periods of high heat and low water, many turf grasses go dormant. Common weeds can win the competition with your lawn for water and food. Dozens of diseases and fungi can turn your lawn brown. If your grass is covered with white, black, or brown substances, then lawn disease is probably your problem and should be diagnosed and treated by a lawn specialist.”

According to House Logic

There are also bugs like chinch bugs, grubs, and animal feces that can lead to brown spots in the yard. Therefore, getting them observed by a professional or have a summer check-up completed as soon as possible can stop the spread and future damage.

Avoid Brown Spots In Your Yard
Avoid Brown Spots In Your Yard

Quality professionals that know about the best lawn sprinklers and landscape lighting Indianapolis share their insights on the overall health of your yard below:

Predominantly, when most people think of taking care of their garden they think about precipitation and nutrition. It is known that it’s not enough to just turn your sprinkler lawn for a few minutes a day for the right amount of precipitation to embed into the soil. If you’re looking to obtain a luscious grass and deeply rooted flowers, a deep soak that an irrigation system can deliver is the idealistic way to soak your soil adequately. As humankind gets more familiar with irrigation, the more new items come on the market to increase productivity and health for the plants.”

Artificial Rain LLC voiced
Quality Irrigation Companies Fishers Indiana Artificial Rain LLC
Quality Irrigation Companies Fishers Indiana Artificial Rain LLC

“Herbicide-based weed control is a common service, but lawn services can also spray preventative fungicide treatments and other special herbicides, as well as add lime to counter an overly acidic soil. But sometimes the quick fix isn’t the way to go. When homeowners see brown spots on their lawn, many automatically think disease, says Murphy, the Rutgers turfgrass specialist. He says people should consider holding the spray, at least for a while. “A good contractor will get on their hands and knees with their face in the lawn trying to figure out what’s going on out there,” he says.”

Market Watch
LED Landscape Lighting Indianapolis
LED Landscape Lighting Indianapolis

“Grass is thirsty, too. Americans use about 7 billion gallons of water a day, a third of all residential water consumption, to irrigate. Roughly half of that water is wasted because of runoff, evaporation, or overwatering. And then there’s the mowing, edging, and leaf blowing. According to a study by Quiet Communities, a nonprofit group, that equipment, mostly powered by gas, emitted 26.7 million tons of pollutants into the atmosphere in 2011. Those emissions contribute to climate change. Despite the time and resources needed to maintain a tidy lawn, they provide no habitat for bees, butterflies, or the birds that feed on the insects.”

New York Times

Getting your lawn to be as healthy as it can be will only allow you to appreciate the entirety of the yard from the initial beginnings. You can talk to a professional today to get more information on the health of your yard.

Different Ways To Use Landscape Lighting

Led Landscape Lighting Indianapolis
Led Lighting Indianapolis

Once you have gotten the lawn to a proper health status, then you can observe what types of landscape lighting you want to add to the allure and beauty. Landscape Lighting options can include path lights, wall lights – surface mount, tree-mount lights- downlights, deck lights-surface mount, well lights, area lights, directional, spot, and floodlights, step lights, adjustable aim “bullet” uplights, post mounts, and much much more. 

Ferguson, gives a great detailed outline of fixtures and how they are assigned. They share, “A successful outdoor lighting plan requires selecting the right fixtures, then placing and wiring them correctly. Use waterproof pond lights for illuminating pools, fountains, and other water features; offset path lights for lighting walkways; cone lights for highlighting both walkways and the surrounding plants; tree-mounted spotlights for simulating moonlight; and floodlights for illuminating trees, buildings, and other large elements.”

Garden Pool Lights
Garden Pool Lights

Even better, you can get a stronger view from a professional and a few ideas from Artificial Rain LLC and their landscape lighting services Indianapolis.

Build Review expressed, “Smart outdoor lighting is an excellent solution that can help curb energy usage, cut costs and help reduce safety concerns.”

  • Some other ways that you can use landscape lighting are the following:
  • Foliage Bullets
  • Garden Bed Highlights
  • Architectural bullet wash designs
  • LEDs That Highlight a Garden Wall

Conclusive Thoughts

We hope that you have gotten a few extra ideas and options to help you improve your yard from fixing the brown spots and why you may have them to adding a stunning landscape lighting effect. Making your yard a beautiful as you can imagine is possible, you just need to know who to contact to get it there. If you have questions or want to speak to a professional that understands the infinite content behind a successful yard, then call a professional at 317-513-0603 or send us a message. (Oh and do not forget to ask us about our monthly special for June of 10 % off to save you even more money!)

In addition, if you want to dive more into the details of landscape lighting or caring for your yard, click the following links:

Analysis of Low Voltage Lighting

Caring For Your Yard

Old House shares, “With no filament to break or burn out, LEDs can last 40,000 hours, approximately 20 years of regular use, compared with just two years for halogen bulbs. LEDs are also extremely efficient, sipping 1 to 11 watts of power versus 20 to 60 watts for halogens.” So consider the types of lighting that you want to use, and make sure it is efficient.

The Best Quality Irrigation System Company In Indianapolis
The Best Quality Irrigation System Company In Indianapolis

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