Why Does Professional Irrigation And Professional Landscape Lighting Mix Like A Dream

There is always one yard that captures your attention when you are driving home. The yard is filled with colorful flowers, fresh-cut grass, and each tree and bush has the exact perfect lighting it needs to accent it perfectly, almost as if it was being pulled from a dream. No matter how many times you drive by it, it will always capture your attention, however, once you get home you realize that your yard may not be up to par, that is why professional irrigation and properly installed landscape lighting mix like a dream.

low voltage landscape lighting

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Irrigation And Lighting Trends To Focus On

A stunning looking yard and one that will captivate your entire neighborhood all starts with lush green grass and healthy bushes. In order to get your yard to a point where it is flourishing and healthy, it has to be maintained properly. Each bush and flower needs to have a consistent amount of water and fertilizer to be sustainable and green. According to the New York Times, Mrs. Freda shared, “If there’s not enough ambient lighting already, look at doing up-lighting — low-voltage landscape lighting in the planters.”

This is not the first time that irrigation and lighting have become a trend to follow, but because many are seeing the value of utilizing both to better serve their family, the more demand is required. Homeowners are seeing the results of having an irrigation system put in place, as it saves time, money and water. Then after you have that set up you should add the lighting, which makes your yard delightful and charming where you can share it with others and create memories they will never forget. In addition, because of the “go green” trend that started a few years back, more people are noticing a difference in the natural environment that ultimately makes the world a better place to live in.

Lighting Revolution In 2019

While many are focused on their day to day duties, some key features can help eliminate certain expenditures, such as LED lighting. This year has brought on a world-renown awareness that people can save a lot of money by cutting their electric bill just by switching the bulbs they use.
Forbes clarified, “Here we are, in the 21st century, with a semiconductor revolution in lighting around the corner. A semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are finally on the verge of having the capability to radically alter the entire lighting landscape with staggering improvements in both lighting efficiency and efficacy. The high-power LED emerges directly from the same semiconductor, digital infrastructure and intellectual property that brought us iPhones, laptops, hybrid cars, and Xboxes. LEDs are fabricated from various concoctions of "compound" semiconductors, mainly gallium and indium. All older forms of illumination use brute force to heat something till it glows. The central difference with an LED is that photons are emitted by designing exquisitely precise semiconductor junctions, tuned just so to employ elegantly efficient quantum phenomena that emits photons. To crudely analogize: It's the quantum equivalent of using a butane lighter instead of rubbing sticks to start a fire.”

To further put the actual into existent, Statista voices, “Residential LED products are expected to use at least 75 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer than the traditional incandescent lamps. Unlike incandescent bulbs which lose most of their energy as heat, LEDs can more efficiently use energy. The widespread use of LED lighting can greatly reduce electricity consumption.” Therefore, the year 2019 holds a lot of standards on changing the ways homes function on a daily basis, and this goes for your garden as well.

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Seeing Results With Your Garden

The results that you want to see in your garden take time and dedication. This, however, can be done with taking advantage of current technology such as timed and professionally installed irrigation systems, planned out landscaping, and implementing landscaping lighting. When you have a dull garden, you most likely will not want to be outside and enjoying it. However, by increasing the health and overall status of the yard through health and environmental accents, your yard will become dreamlike in now time.

D. Gordon, a professional architect shared recently, “Thoughtfully designed lighting – both indoors and outdoors – is an element that can lend a wonderful, warm ambiance to space. From gathering around the warmth of an outdoor fireplace to ascending a stair with subtle downlights into a glowing swimming pool to the drama of an up-lit planted urn, lighting design adds dimension and enhances the client's ability to enjoy their outdoor living spaces with family and friends.”

There are certain ideal products to use to get your yard to this level, like low voltage lighting to accentuate large trees, steps, or flowers. A professional landscaping artist will see how to highlight those aspects of your yard to fill in the darkened areas to increase the mood and love you will have after it is completed. American Lighting Association shares, “Adding the perfect amount of exterior lighting will brighten up a dark landscape, giving a home after-dark curb appeal while also providing safety for visitors and family.” When you talk to a professional that understands your terrain and layout of your yard, they will see how to properly design what aspects of your yard should be heightened and promoted. They will have the experience, history, customer reviews, and professional equipment to add that extra drama to your home for a day and nighttime appreciation.

Living The Luxury Dream With Landscape Lighting And Irrigation

If you want to live your life in luxury, and without the need to spend heavily on that type of living, then start with your irrigation and landscaping on your home. The life of luxury is appealing to everyone; however, if properly researched and designed, then you can have that life with ease. It is better to start with your garden with giving your home the proper curb appeal, then take it to the next level where maintenance is minimal. For example, if you plan to have a romantic night out with your partner, what a better place than your backyard where the yard is mysterious and enchanting? Or if you plan to have family over, you can enjoy the evening cool air in your backyard where they all are safe.

Artificial Rain LLC declared previously, “With landscape lighting, you can toss back the shadows and blackness those nights offers and turn it around to a mystical atmosphere that is safe and tranquil that you can enjoy each night of the year.” However, on a side note, it is essential that your backyard is maintained and the trees and flowers are healthy, which is where the irrigation systems come into play. When you know you can leave your yard all day and know that it will be watered efficiently with a professional irrigation or sprinkler system, and have the perfect lighting installed with a professional landscaping lighting artist and technician, then you will be on the right path to that luxury living.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, professional irrigation and landscape lighting mix like a dream simply because you can create an environment that can be manipulated and dramatically expressed to your style. If you use the right professional and the right materials, your yard will be that catalog home you desire. It all starts with getting the health of your yard up to par with sprinklers, then adding the highlights to the right areas to emphasize the beauty that you are surrounded by. Therefore, if you are looking to get that dream yard, start by calling a professional near you now and see what packages, designs, products, and ideas they have to get your yard to exceptional standards. Talk to a specialist and professional today with Artificial Rain LLC!

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