Sprinkler Winterization, Preparation, & What Your Yard Look Like In Ten Years With Out A Sprinkler System

Winterization maintenance methods and sprinkler preparation is a must during the fall months. October is the first month where the temperature changes and your lawn starts to preserve itself.

Sprinkler Winterization and Preparation
Sprinkler Winterization and Preparation

If you do not have a plan set forth for your sprinklers, you will not only be dealing with the freezing temperatures, but your water pipes could be in danger. Continue reading and learn more about sprinkler winterization. Also, get some insights on future outlooks of a yard that does not have a professional sprinkler system.

What Is Winterization For My Sprinklers?

The winterization process of a sprinkler system is a plan and motion that maintenances your sprinklers for the winter. This can include blowouts, drainage, adjusting the sensors, timers, adding insulation, checking for leaks and busted pipes, and so much more. The methods of winterization done by irrigation specialists are exceptional. If you try to do the process yourself, you may find out come spring, that problems have arisen due to one small missed step.

Winterization Artificial Rain LLC
Sprinkler Winterization Artificial Rain LLC

Sprinklers are delicate and need the most attention before winter, and after winter because of the freezing climates. Water can freeze in a sprinkler line and move through your home’s water pipes. Damages can become highly expensive and stressful to manage, not to mention the sprinkler system damages.

Even if you have drained the water out of your irrigation system, some water remains and can freeze, expand, and crack PVC piping (rigid, white pipe). Although polyethylene pipe is more flexible and can expand under pressure, water left inside can freeze and rupture the pipe walls.

Freezing water in the backflow assembly will damage the internal components and can crack the brass body. To minimize the risk of freeze damage, you’ll need to winterize your irrigation system. In areas where winterization is mandatory, irrigation systems are installed using one of three types of water removal: manual drain, auto drain, or blowout. If you don’t know your system type, it is best to use the blowout method.


Tips For Preparation Of My Yard For Sprinkler Winterization

Sprinklers and Winter
Sprinklers and Winter

The first initial setup for sprinkler winterization is to set it up with a professional. They have the experience, tools, and trained specialists to fix any sprinkler issue, and prevent possible damages that can happen during the winter months. A specialist takes a look your entire sprinkler system and start the preparation for the temperature drops through flushing out the system, and insulating it.

Here are a few tips on winterization techniques, follow the points listed below:

  • When the temperatures start to drop, start watering the lawn a little less. This is essential for the grass to feel the colder air, and will start the hibernation process.
  • If it starts to rain, turn off the sprinklers.
  • Walk around your yard. Are there over-flowed areas or broken sprinkler heads? Write down the areas you notice and give the details to the specialist. A professional will automatically do an initial inspection of the sprinkler line when they get there. However, it is good for you to spot possible problems in case of mishaps during the winter.
  • If the temperatures have already begun to drop and freeze, you can shut off the sprinkler system to prevent any freezing damage from happening before the sprinkler professional shows up.
  • Check your rain controllers. It is highly advised to let a professional take care of this step so there are no issues during the winterization process.
Get Ready For Fall
Get Ready For Fall

What Rain Bird Has To Say About Sprinkler Winterization

If you have an automatic system then you will need to “shut down” the controller (timer). Most controllers have a “rain-mode” which simply shuts off the signals to the valves.

The only change is that the valves will not activate. An alternative to using the rain mode is simply to shut off the power to the controller. If you do, you’ll need to reprogram the time and potentially all your other settings as well, in the spring.

Rain Bird

Overall the best tip to starting up the winterization process is to call a sprinkler specialist in your area as soon as possible. The sooner they get there, and get the winterization process set up, the longer lifespan your sprinklers have, and the less amount of potential damages will cease to exist.

Quality Knowledge For Sprinklers And Winterization

Sprinklers and Fall
Sprinklers and Fall

The process of winterization is based on techniques and sprinkler knowledge. A sprinkler specialist in Indiana will know the entire process from beginning to end. They are able to protect your sprinklers in the best way they deserve.

A few actions completed in a winterization plan are the following:

  • Drainage: The backflow precentor is checked and maintained. It makes sure that water will not flow back into your house. The specialist will shut this off . Then manually drain the line. Which will get as much trapped water out of the line before they start the blow out process.
  • Blow Outs: Even after draining the sprinkler line, there are areas where the ground has shifted. The water can reside in the sprinkler line and start to freeze. This is where the blow out process begins. A specialist will use compressed air to clear out all the sprinkler lines with a quality blower. If you attempt to do this yourself, you risk using to much air. Or busting the system leaving water in the lines.
  • Controllers: The specialist will adjust the controller and sensors on the sprinkler system. They will set them correctly for the winter months. If you have a rain sensor with a cup, the specialist may put a bag over the sensor to prevent any water from touching it. However, if you have a controller or a fertilization attachment, the sprinkler specialist will turn it off or remove them.
  • Valves and Insulation: A sprinkler specialist in Indiana, understands how important the winterization process is for anyone who owns an irrigation system. Valves and line are maintained and winterized. Sprinkler specialists in Indiana will also know the professional techniques to insulate the areas that are prone to freezing when left unattended.

Seek a professional sprinkler specialist in Indiana today and find out how much of a difference it can make to your yard, and extend the life of your sprinklers.

What If I Do Not Have A Sprinkler System?

Sprinkler Winterization Artificial Rain LLC
Sprinkler Winterization Artificial Rain LLC

Phone: 317-513-0603

Lawn sprinkler winterization can be a relatively quick DIY job, but there are a few reasons why you may still want to spend the money to hire irrigation maintenance professional for this one.

The winterization process requires a fairly comprehensive working knowledge of your specific system, including the layout of each irrigation zone. If you don’t know your system well, it’s good to have a trained eye looking over the process. And finally, blowing out a sprinkler system requires a fairly powerful air compressor, which most homeowners don’t have in their garages.


If you do not have a sprinkler system set up in your yard, your yard may look warn out when the cooler temperatures start to drop. With cold conditions through winter, the grass and plants is doomed. In ten years or so a yard will get worse over time if it is not managed correctly.

Make The Right Plans For Sprinkler Winterization

A good idea to consider during the fall months is what your plans are for the next years. Talking to a professional sprinkler company in Indiana about installation for the spring will give you insights and goals to look forward to better serve your yard. If you do not have a sprinkler system, winter still may be hard on your yard, but you can always have a professional check your water valves that are around your home to prevent any freezing damage.

Fall is a fantastic time to talk to a sprinkler specialist. They give out ideas on how to improve the health of your yard, and how to improve the character. A quality sprinkler company will also off landscape lighting options. The fall months are one of the best to enjoy the yard with LED lighting. A sprinkler professional can help you with more than just sprinklers.

Phone: 317-513-0603

However, if you leave your yard unattended without any care, it will start to die, overgrow, or look unruly in the next ten years. Consider how you want your home to look in ten years. Speak to a professional on tips and tricks today!

Landscape Lighting Winter
Landscape Lighting Winter

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Whom Should I Contact For Sprinkler Services Or Sprinkler Winterization In Indiana?

Many sprinkler companies offer a variety of services all around Indiana. However, you need the best, and one that knows Indiana inside and out. Artificial Rain LLC, offers services that go year-round, and they have the best-trained professionals on their team.

Artificial Rain LLC
Artificial Rain LLC

Phone: 317-513-0603

Dedicated to their customers and determined to hand out quality sprinkler services in Indiana, Artificial Rain LLC offers the best sprinkler winterization services around your area! They also offer quality fall landscape lighting that can prepare your yard for the cooler months ahead.

They will make sure you are satisfied. Give them a call today to see how they can help you start preparing your sprinklers for fall and winter, or to ask about their landscape lighting deals.

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