Tips On How To Survive Your First Winter With A Sprinkler System And Winterization Services

Preserving the investment of your sprinkler system matters a lot each year as the seasons change. As the weather changes, the ground starts to freeze and solidify long before your eyes notice the change. It is critical to make decisions that will protect and preserve the investment. Get a quality sprinkler system, and that is easily accomplished through Winterization services.

Artificial Rain Sprinklers Winterization
Artificial Rain Sprinklers

If this is your first winter, then here are some quality tips on how you can survive. The more informed you are about winterizing, the longer the duration of the sprinkler system will hold.

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Sprinkler Systems in Indianapolis Winterization
Sprinkler Systems in Indianapolis

Weather Watching And Decision Making

As you are aware, water freezes after the temperature drop below 32°F (0°C). As it freezes, your sprinkler pipes are closer to expanding and cracking. If sprinklers are not managed correctly, or at least prepared for the temperature drops they will break. To top that off, the top layer of your sprinkler system is more exposed to colder temperatures, which opens up the door for sprinkler issues to arise. When the temperatures decrease during the fall months the decision to winterizing your sprinklers is at its prime.

Winterize My Lawn
Winterize My Lawn

The winterizing services for your sprinkler will include blowouts, draining, and maintenance tasks. It is essential to keep an eye on the weather. As soon as the first freeze happens your sprinkler may be in a critical condition. Your sprinkler relies on specific components to function and operate correctly. Therefore, getting it winterized before it the first freeze is a common rule for any sprinkler owner. A sprinkler specialist will advise that you winterize your system at the latest before one week of the first freeze. Anytime after that your sprinklers could have potential damages. Please note that your plants will already have begun their preparation for the winter, therefore watering them is not essential.

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Winterizing Your Sprinklers Winterization
Winterizing Your Sprinklers

Keep An Eye On Frozen Pipes, Frozen Sprinklers, And Manifolds

The winterization process consists of a blowout for your pipes. The water inside your pipes if left unmaintained will most likely freeze before the first frost set in. If there is water in the pipes there will be no room for the water to expand, thus causing all of the pipes to crack in larger sections of the sprinklers system. Having frozen pipes with are the one of the higher cost of repairs and can be difficult to manage if left unmaintained. A wise tip is to avoid this damage and drain all the water from the lines before the first frost sets in.

Irrigation companies fishers Indiana Winterization
Irrigation companies fishers Indiana

The first frost can also affect the sprinkler heads as what water expands. The pressure alone can pop off the sprinkler heads from the water expansion causing the plastic body of the sprinkler to crack and break down the side. If the water freezes inside the small supply tubes that push the nozzles above the ground they will require replacement for the entire sprinkler heads with a brand-new unit.

Best Lawn sprinklers
Best Lawn sprinklers

Now when it comes to the manifold, this is the component that is the heart of the sprinkler system. Essentially, this device is the main hub where the pipes and valves attach to the rest of the sprinklers. If the manifold gets frozen or water freezes inside the main pipe the damages are labor-inducing and extremely costly. Therefore, avoiding frozen pipes, sprinklers, and manifolds is essential for the longevity of your sprinkler system.

What To Expect With Winterization Services

Professional Sprinkler Company near me
Professional Sprinkler Company near me

if you haven’t gotten a winterization service completed or set up annually, now is the ideal time to do it. Your sprinkler specialist will have a to-do list for the specific service. They will follow with all proper precautions, requirements, and equipment that it requires to do a winterization for your sprinklers.

The sprinkler specialist will turn off the main water supply from your sprinkler system. Then move the timers and head assemblies. They will collect the components and have them stored indoors to keep them together for springtime. After they have collected those components, they will do a drain line. This will allow all the water to drain out of the entire system. They will open up the caps and lifting the lines at the lowest parts of the irrigation system. They make sure that the fittings are maintained. This helps so they don’t crack if there’s any standing water that freezes inside them. After the drain is done, the sprinkler specialist will place the end caps back on. And this helps to ensure that no excess water or bugs can get into the line.

Quality Sprinklers Winterization
Quality Sprinklers

If you have a manifold system then the timer or controller cycle will be turned off or adjusted to work with wintertime. Your sprinkler specialist will relieve the water pressure in the mainline and valves and open the valves to drain any of the water and offset it for winter. In many cases, a sprinkler specialist will use a blowout technique where they use a high-end air compressor to push any excess water out of all the lines. They will use a regulator and set it at the appropriate PSI to avoid any safety concerns as well as using the ideal rules and techniques that it is required to do it system blowout. Its sprinkler specialist understands that using an air compressor requires a specific amount of air pressure, therefore it is advised that you don’t do the blowouts yourself as a cause system damage.

Irrigation companies fishers Indiana
Irrigation companies fishers Indiana

Who To Talk To About Your First Winter And Your Sprinklers

If you’re new to the sprinkler system, you will want to find a reliable company that has the experience, knowledge, and professional equipment to handle your sprinkler system. Many homeowners do not realize that winter can be catastrophic to a sprinkler system. Most people will assume that the water needs to be shut off and the controller adjusted. However, that is not the case with a quality irrigation line.

Sprinklers And Winter Prep
Sprinklers And Winter Prep

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A quality sprinkler company will have plans set up for annual maintenance, installation, and repair services. Artificial Rain LLC provides the best sprinkler services in Indiana. They offer yearly service plans as well as a quality installation that will help maintain your sprinkler’s longevity.

Your first winter is highly important when it comes to your sprinklers. Most of the components are new and will need adjusting and observing through its first winter. Speaking to Artificial Rain LLC can offer you fast options and ideas as well as responses for any winterization or sprinkler need.

Sprinklers And Winter
Sprinklers And Winterization Services

Conclusive Thoughts

In conclusion, anyone who has or owns a sprinkler system will at some point or another need to have its maintenance. The yearly seasonal changes cause the sprinkler system to adjust due to weathering and normal wear and tear. A winterization process is easier to handle when you have professional maintenance of the entire system without you having to leave to figure.

Having to do all of the techniques that it requires to winterize your sprinklers professionally is complex and detailed. In addition, damages that can occur if you choose to do your own winterization can be extensive as well as expenses. In most cases, individuals that do winterization themselves will know that repair costs or potential safety hazards will far outweigh the options as if it were just done by professionals in the first place.

It is great to be proactive when it comes to the fall months before the first frost sets in so that way your sprinklers will survive the climate change. Therefore, have a professional do the winterization process see you can enjoy the days and nights of fall and winter and not have to stress about your own sprinkler maintenance. Contact Artificial Rain LLC today about our quality winterization services, as well as any questions that you may have regarding your first winter with your frequent system.

Artificial Rain LLC
Artificial Rain LLC

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Dedicated to their customers and determined to hand out quality sprinkler services in Indiana, Artificial Rain LLC offers the best sprinkler winterization services around your area! They also offer quality fall landscape lighting that can prepare your yard for the cooler months ahead.

Give them a call today to see how they can help you start preparing your sprinklers for fall and winter, or to ask about their landscape lighting deals.

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  1. I only started using a sprinkler this year so I wasn’t aware that its maintenance for the winter can get tricky. Perhaps I should consider getting a home winterization service while it’s still not snowing in my area. That way, I will be able to learn straight from the pros about how I should take care of my sprinkler.

  2. My sister noticed that her sprinkler is not functioning well, whcih is why she’s thinking of having it repaired before it’s too late. Well, I also agree with you that she must look after her sprinkler especially during the winter season since this may freeze her pipes. Thank you for sharing here the importance of regular maintenance too.

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